Group “Novie Transportnie Technologii” (“New Transport Technologies”) is an industrial and financial holding, which includes more than twenty companies and enterprises operating in various sectors of Russia’s economy.
The leading areas of investment are – land development, agriculture business, transport engineering, financial and investment activities. The Group is currently focusing its efforts on agriculture business. To implement projects in this area, NTT Group applies land consolidation in some regions of Central Russia for building and modernizing dairy facilities. Engaged in a national project “Development of agriculture”, we prove in practice that the work on land can and should become economically sound and investment-attractive.
The Group keeps its history since 1993. Over the years, NTT Group has reached a level of mature company with established corporate culture, where honesty, transparency and strict execution of obligations are the basic principles of doing business. Competent and experienced staff allows Group to achieve maximum results in creating new industries, as well as in reorganization of troubled companies, through the creation of competitive industries on their basis. High efficiency of the Group’s projects is due to advanced production and management technologies and high creative potential of employed and contracted staff.


NTT uses modern management techniques, wich allow to maximize efficiency of the subsidiaries, and attract more highly skilled professionals. Also this techniques help in optimization of production processes, marketing and financial operations. As a result the enterprises of NTT Group are efficient and have optimally structured management. This by turn increases Group’s attractiveness for investors, on both domestic and foreign markets.


At the initial stage of the investment project, the Central Company of NTT Group serves as the management company and directly organizes the work of enterprises. As the project develops, hired managers with extensive experience begin to manage the company independently. Further NTT as the owner reserves the right to determine the company’s development strategy and monitor the activities of its management.


  • Agriculture business.
  • Dairy farming.
  • Production and distribution of dairy products.
  • Professional legal support of business.
  • Financial and investment activities.
  • Leasing.
  • Land development.
  • Geodetic works.
  • Design and manufacturing of light multipurpose aircraft.
  • Design and manufacturing of electric trains (EMUs), including sophisticated.
  • Systems of electric equipment and spare parts for rolling stock.
  • Security services.
  • Medical services.
  • Entertainment and recreation business.