MC “Pangea”

Family medical center “Pangaea” was created in 1996 in traditional Russian medicine canons. The medical center uses the classical principles of examination and treatment of patients.
Family medical center was created as a specialized center of obstetric profile. With time range of medical services has significantly expanded, new areas were formed 2 main departments: child and adult.
We pay special attention to the development of medical services for children. In the children’s Department employs highly qualified specialists, physicians, “first”, “highest” category, candidates of medical Sciences of the Morozov hospital and the hospital of St. Vladimir. Today at the medical center, you can get advice pediatricians specialists on a wide range of medical problems: pediatrician, neurologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, gastroenterologist, allergist, nephrologist, urologist, homeopath, cardiologist, dermatologist, chiropractor, psychologist, speech therapist.