PSC “Service protection”

Private security company “Service protection” was established in October 2002. Staffed by former law enforcement officers and persons who have served in the armed forces of Russia. We operate in strict compliance with the Laws of the Russian Federation “On private detective and security activity”, “About weapons” and in close cooperation with the state authorities on the legal protection against unlawful encroachments. Strict selection of candidates and the growing level of training of employees allowed to create a cohesive team of highly qualified professionals able to solve any problems in providing various types of security.
Clients security company chop “Service protection” are: commercial banks, industrial and agricultural enterprises. Company engaged in the sale of land.
Over the years, the chop “Service protection” has established itself as a reliable partner, efficiently ensuring the safety of employees and property protected them objects.
Currently, the “Service protection” provides a full range of security services, including the maintenance of material assets during transportation and personal protection.


 Общество с ограниченной ответственностью Частное Охранное Предприятие «Сервис-охрана

 ООО ЧОП «Сервис-охрана»

 Юридический адрес; 107061,г.Москва ул.Большая Черкизовская 5,кор8         

 Фактический адрес:107061, г.Москва ул.Большая Черкизовская 5,кор.8

Телефон: 739-62-52, (53) факс.

ИНН 7718218648

КПП 771801001

и т.д.