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Complete refurbishment of trains with


                                                                                       In the context of the economic recession in

                                                                                       the country, the lack of funds for the
                                                                                       construction of new rolling stock, NTT

                                                                                       holding has proposed a new method of
                                                                                       complete refurbishment of rolling stock,
                                                                                       which allowed to produce products with an

                                                                                       increased service life with minimal costs and
                                                                                       a update rate of 90-95%.

                                                                                       Breakthrough technological solutions of NTT
                                                                                       holding gave impetus to the development
                                                                                       of the Russian railway industry as a whole,

                                                                                       allowing to overcome the stagnant
                                                                                       processes of recent decades.

                                                                                       The work of the specialists was highly
                                                                                       appreciated by the Government of the
                                                                                       Russian Federation (2002 Prize in Science

                                                                                       and Technology).

                                                                                         For 8 years, over 2,000  "ЭМ2"
                                                                                               have been produced.
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