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                                                                                     In the course of its activity NTT Holding
                                                                                     is engaged in the development and

                                                                                     production of components for

                                                                                     electric rolling stock, including the

                                                                                     production of wheelsets, high-voltage

                                                                                     electro-pneumatic contactors, high-

                                                                                     speed switches, gearboxes, gapless

                                                                                     couplings and much more.

        For example, over 15,000

        gearboxes have been produced

        in 15 years. They were specifically

        designed to increase reliability

        and extend their service life by
        more than 20 years. This

        gearboxes replaced the

        previously used gearboxes with a

        service life of 3 years. To date, not

        a single complaint have been

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