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                                                                                                   Alexey Lamanov

                                                                                            President of the New Transport Technologies

                                                                                          Full member of the railway transport
                                                                                         department of the Transport Expert Council
                                                                                         under the Committee on Transport and
                                                                                         Construction of the State Duma of the Federal
                                                                                         Assembly of the Russian Federation.

                                                                                          Candidate of Sociological Sciences
                                                                                         (specialty «sociology of management», with a
                                                                                         thesis entitled «Innovative processes in the
                                                                                         productive sphere»),

                                                                                          from 2000 to 2010, the Head of Department
                                                                                         No. 310 MAI,

                                                                                          Honorary Railwayman,

                                                                                          Honorary Worker of the Moscow Railway,

                                                                                          Laureate of 2002 Government of the Russian
                                                                                         Federation Prize in science and technology,
                                                                                         awarded for the development, production
                                                                                         organization and commissioning of new-class
                                                                                         high-voltage static power converters for railway
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